Tunes from the Crypt :: Neue Deutsche Welle

Words: Jesse Locke

Abwärts – sinister surf-rock.

Amongst other YouTube vortexes I’ve been sucked into as of late like the BBC’s Brittania series or the generous selection of Peel Sessions from the saint known as Vibracobra23, my most recent obsession is Neue Deutsche Welle. This overtly German strain of New Wave / post-punk from the late 1970s and ’80s runs the stylistic gamut from the sinister surf-rock of Abwärts to Die Radierer’s computer bloops, Der Plan’s wonky New Romanticism and shivery chanteuse Silvia (recently namechecked by Montreal’s giallo disco sex god Femminielli). Andreas Dorau and Die Marinas may have caught the ear of Daniel Miller for a Mute reissue in ’82, but the majority of these artists never gained the crossover ubiquity of their cheeseball overground counterparts Trio, Falco and Nena. To an open-eared public, any of these tunes could have been hits, except of course the rough mutts in the litter, Die tödliche Doris. Here’s a small collection of clips, but further exploration is highly recommended. Enjoy!

Tunes from the Crypt is a semi-regular feature on Texture with a rotating cast of writers. Its aim is to unearth overlooked, forgotten or little-known musical artifacts, found in the dusty discount or used bins of record shops, your cool uncle’s attic, church bazaars, garage sales, so-called ‘alternative channels’ or simply hiding in plain view on the Internet.